Rebecca Catto

Rebecca graduated from the University College of Osteopathy in London. After working in London for a while her countryside roots called her back.

Rebecca being a keen horse rider herself, was not unfamiliar with the injuries that this can entail, leading her to see many an osteopath and develop a fascination in the functioning of the human body and how we are able to recover from injury with the right guidance and professional help.

Rebecca loves to treat a wide range of conditions not just backs, but the whole body and how it is all linked.

Since graduating Rebecca has taken part in multiple courses including Still Techniques, Kinesiology taping and Cranial Osteopathy to continue her training and keep up to date.

She will also soon be starting her equine osteopathy training, and incorporate her love of horses with also being able to treat them.



  • New Patient    £70
  • Follow Up       £50

New Patient (45-60 mins)

Book Follow on (30 mins)