• What training do osteopaths have?

Osteopaths have to complete a minimum of four years of training which includes academic and clinical work. Qualification usually takes the form of a bachelors or masters degree.                                                                                                            Osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council

  • How long will a session last?

First appointments are 45-60 minutes long, we discuss current pain and problem, plus general medical history, car accidents, broken bones, previous treatment  etc ....

Follow up appointments are 30 minutes long.

  • What will happen in a session?

Examination of the area and general posture - you will need to undress to we can see spine, muscles etc...                                 Treatment involves combination hands on massage, stretching joints and most importantly homework and exercises for you to do yourself as well

  • What shall I wear?

As you will be examined it is important that your osteopath can see your spine, muscles etc therefore we ask you to undress down to your underwear but it is absolutely fine to wear shorts and a vest if you would feel more comfortable.

  • Will my insurance cover my osteopath appointments? 

At Redfern Osteopaths we are registered with most major health insurance companies. Please phone 07969 910 845 with any questions.

  • Will an osteopath contact my GP?

Osteopaths can share information with other professionals if you give permission.

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  • New Patient                         £70
  • Follow Up                            £50

New Patient (45-60 mins)

Follow on (30 mins)

A charge may apply if you are unable to give 24 hrs notice or fail to attend your appointment.